Highest quality in every step

Quality starts with the preparation of the ceramic mixes

  • Flexibility and separate processing of the ceramic mixes with separated mixers – cross contaminations of the ceramic mixes are effectively avoided
  • Meticulous quality controls of the ceramic mixes before their transfer to forming

Forming: from individual special solutions to efficient serial production

Our forming methods cover a broad spectrum of solutions

  • Hand ramming: This is the method of choice for the most complex shapes and/or low volumes. 10.000 molds and 16.000 shapes – these are only two figures for this incredibly complex production area. By hand ramming, we are able to manufacture for you the most complex shapes also in small quantities. Geometries with complex and delicate structures can be created as well – the possibilities are virtually endless.
  • Hydraulic pressing for efficient serial production: Products required in larger quantities are manufactured using hydraulic presses. Our presses allow a variety of compressive forces. With our approximately 1.500 available molds alone, almost 2.000 different products can be manufactured. High precision achieved through state-of-the-art technology makes this manufacturing method very reliable.
  • Vibration pressing for demanding geometries: Our six vibration presses ensure productivity and flexibility of this forming segment. Demanding geometries are manufactured by this method. The already existing 150 molds facilitate the production of 200 different shapes in this area.
  • Casting as method of choice for round, spherical or cylindrical dies: In this area, we employ slip and shell casting.
  • Also new molds are realized by our specialists in an efficient and highly precise way for your application.

Drying and firing: Optimized for sophisticated product properties

  • Our computerized drying chambers ensure outstanding results through freely programmable drying cycles based on temperature and humidity.
  • As distinctive as the product itself is our firing technology. The large bandwidth of our kilns provide the appropriate firing method for the specific requirements. Depending on material and geometry as well as on the specific requirements of our customers, we have the option to fire at temperatures as high as 1.800°C (3.272°F)

Finishing, quality control and logistics

  • Depending from the requirements of the application, the fired products are bored, ground or cut. Our trained and experienced staff processes the finished products to meet the requirements of the most demanding end applications.
  • In line with our aspirations, only first-grade merchandise leaves our production. Before the products are shipped, all parameters relevant for their quality are verified. Our experienced quality assurance and laboratory team ensures applicability and reliability of the products.
  • Our passion for customer service is demonstrated at the interface to our customers. Top-quality components for demanding applications deserve adequate packaging and responsible manipulation during preparation for shipment.